Story of a crazy girl

In our life we all have some scary secrets and painful stories that we want to hide it from the world …
    A crazy girl is a true story of a girl that is very shy less talkative …Story begins here when a small cute baby girl borns in a Country PAKISTAN in a Muslim family ….As in Pakistan mostly there are joined families …She was also the lucky or the unlucky one …like every father loves her daughter she was also the luckiest one in this …Being in joined family was also helpful but sometimes it was very hard to live in all that situation to have lots of fights ..


might be thinking that why I didn’t mentioned name of her ..soo its a secret for u ..
  Her father was a business man and mother was housewife …she was having one older brother .They always fight because she thought that her mother loves less than her brother .
   But this occurs almost in all the homes between siblings that was not a big deal ..but all the effect  of this was that she never created or nor she was able to create understanding between her and her brother .U can say that it is the responsibility of a mother to create love , understanding , helpful relationship between her children in their start life to succeed in their relationship ..

     As the story is very long soo if u are interested then I want u too give ur comments on it soo if anything wrong or any other suggestions u want to give me ..I m available thanks 🙂